Laser myopia surgery and new technology

Laser myopia surgery has experienced nearly 30 years of development, has entered the “no knife” of the laser era. However, many of the domestic myopia surgery, often so that patients dazzled, this is not! Recently, there are new technology and smart new laser, let us work together to understand, which in the end is black technology or new technology.

What is the new laser technology?

Speaking of Smart laser, many of my friends will be puzzled, that there has been a new way of surgery, but if a call, we will not be unfamiliar – “TransPRK”, also known as “T-PRK” The

First look at TPRK is how is it? T-PRK is known as “epithelial excimer laser keratectomy”, which belongs to laser surface corneal refractive surgery.

The surgical principle is the use of excimer laser removal of corneal epithelium, and then continuous excimer laser cutting correction refractive error.

Full fly is not necessarily the best? Laser myopia surgery and new technology

Surgical features: The operation from the corneal epithelium began to cut, according to the need to cut the corneal thickness, up to the third layer of the substrate layer. The surgical process will cut off the corneal epithelium and the second layer of the front elastic layer, and the front elastic layer is not renewable, in other words, T-PRK surgery, the cornea is actually only four layers, so after surgery for trauma, The resistance of external force is weak, and the corneal epithelium healing process is strong, longer (3-5 days), postoperative vision recovery is slow, clinical patients satisfaction is not high.

Smart laser surgery is an innovative surface corneal refractive surgery, is the whole laser TransPRK surgery and intelligent pulse technology, the perfect combination of intelligent pulse technology significantly improved the degree of smooth bed bed, which significantly enhance the recovery rate of postoperative vision And postoperative visual acuity, shortening epithelium remodeling time, better remission of postoperative pain in the surface surgery and significantly more potential benefits include more effective reduction of angiogenic aberrations and better visual quality. Full zero contact, no flap or no gap, no trace after surgery, to retain more corneal biomechanical effects, one step to complete the corneal epithelial and refractive correction of the accurate correction.

Surgical equipment: Smart laser surgery is based on the German Amas excimer laser platform, is an innovative surface of the corneal refractive surgery, the equivalent of Smart = TransPRK + SPT.

Smart full laser surgery steps

Full fly is not necessarily the best? Laser myopia surgery and new technology

Excimer laser gently ablating corneal epithelium → automatic step to complete refractive correction → postoperative corneal epithelium completely healed, leaving no incision.

What is the advantage of Smart Laser?

1. Surgery without a knife, no petals, no need to attract negative pressure

2. Zero contact of the surgery, the surgical process of no contact with the eye

3. Complete the correct correction of corneal epithelial and refractive errors step by step

4. superficial cutting method, postoperative epithelium completely healed, to retain more biomechanical stability

5. Smooth surface of the matrix, epithelial healing and visual recovery was significantly accelerated

Full fly is not necessarily the best? Laser myopia surgery and new technology

The key to surgery is:

Pulse technique, the intelligent pulse technique uses a fine geometric model based on the structure of fullerene (soccerene) to define the true surface morphology of the cornea. Compared to the previous T-PRK is a quadrilateral, now SMART is a hexagonal spherical, with the original corneal shape is more fit, so is an upgraded version, and has a new name!

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